Host an intern from Québec in your organization

When an organization* hosts young professionals as interns, it is a rewarding experience for both the intern and the organization. Given our globalizing world, LOJIQ strives to encourage young Québec graduates to acquire international experience by helping them secure internships with organizations overseas.   

* French organizations wishing to hire Québec interns are asked to contact OFQJ France.

How to proceed

1.    The host organization must complete the internship form.
2.    The person at LOJIQ in charge of internships will contact the organization by email as quickly as possible to discuss the feasibility of the request and how best to follow through with it.
3.    Once the request has been validated, LOJIQ posts the offer on its website and distributes it throughout its network.
4.    LOJIQ conducts meetings to assess applicant motivation, preselect candidates, and submit applications to the organisation.
5.    To help the host organization make a final decision, LOJIQ plan telephone interviews between selected candidates and the employer.
6.    The organization confirms the decision in writing to LOJIQ, which provides the intern with administrative and logistical assistance.

Additional information

Length of internships offer with LOJIQ

Average of 12 weeks (longer internships possible under certain conditions) 

Intern remuneration 

• LOJIQ provides interns with assistance for international travel as well as financial support depending on the destination (up to a maximum of $350 a week).
• Additional compensation or lodging, food or local transportation assistance from the foreign organization is welcomed.

Processing time

Between 3 and 4 months from the time the request is submitted to the arrival of the intern.

A rewarding experience for the host organization…

• Contribution of new professional competencies
• Comparison of local work methods with those in North America
• A fresh new perspective on your operations
• Awareness building through exposure of your team to intercultural differences
• Development of professional contacts

And the intern.

• A professional experience that is sure to pay off upon return
• Discovery and acquisition of new abilities and work methods
• International mobility experience
• An opportunity to strengthen adaptation skills
• Full immersion in another society 

Who to contact to obtain more information regarding LOJIQ’s internship program:

France / Africa / Europe (excluding France) and Asia / Americas and Oceania

Anne-Sophie Audet, Chargée de projets, asaudet(at) / Gabrielle Plasse, Adjointe au programme, gplasse(at)

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